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I got a 5-word domain name in 2019!

The domain name “Kakku” has meaning also.

Kakku (火9) is a Japanese abbreviation for Kayō Ku-ji (火曜9時), meaning Tuesday at 9PM

What makes this domain special for me is that “kak(k)u” happens to be my nickname also.

Now that I have finalized on a domain name, I intend to keep this domain and blog running going forward. In the past, I have tried to blog on different platforms under different domain names but usually ended by not renewing domain names either because I didn’t like the domain or the charges were too high($26 for an xyz domain). But this time I avoided all the lucrative first year offers and went ahead with Google domain and purchased this domain for $12.

Nowadays, I am spending a lot of time learning and improving, having a blog will help me to keep posting about it for my and anyone else’s future reference. Learning something and blogging about it will require me to go deeper into the subject and think about a topic in a structured manner instead of random thoughts. Blogging has many other benefits also.

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