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  • 4+ years of experience working on real-world software with multiple tech stacks.
  • I have a very good understanding of systems, datastores, REST APIs, and Kubernetes.
  • Contributed to multiple open-source projects.
Software Development Engineer II Feb, 2020 - Present
Amazon Web Services, Cape Town(SA)
  • Working on highly available and scalable services.

Software Engineer Apr, 2018 - Jan, 2020
Takealot, Cape Town(SA)
  • Designed & rewrote a major portion of all 3rd party interaction for the warehouse team.
  • Remodeled the 3rd party interaction using a distributed system model with Kafka consumer/producer & web services, this made the system fast & reliable.
  • Site Reliability Engineer(Feb, 2019 - Jan, 2020)
    • Wrote an async "Vault" credential management client to be used by applications to move all plain text passwords to Vault.
    • Worked on migrating in-house Elasticsearch data to Google cloud.
    • Worked on various parts of Google cloud migration from the self-managed Kubernetes cluster.

Software Engineer Feb, 2017 - Apr, 2018
Wingify, Delhi(IN)
  • Created a micro-service to store streaming customer actions.
  • Wrote a cron management framework that made the cron scheduling and management easier.
  • Created a payment gateway monitoring setup using stated, grafana.
  • Worked on various part of the backend of Wingify’s product "VWO" and the pricing platform.

Software Engineer(Internship and full time) Feb, 2016 - Jan, 2017
  • Developed a web app for remote R code execution. This product allows asynchronous code execution of R code.
  • Worked on web backend of Data Quality Tool. Which helped analyse and clean millions of rows of data. Used HDFS as the data storage backend.
  • Developed REST APIs using Python Django framework and Scala Play framework.
  • Automated website crawling and document parsing.

Software Engineer, Intern Aug, 2015 - Oct, 2015
  • Collected 10k positive and negative reviews training and testing dataset from the top-100 android app.
  • Created the module using Python's NLTK library to predict user opinion sentiment with ~75% accuracy.
  • Built Mongo database of 500k app's data ranked by their category and top chart rankings.
  • Developed a REST API on this module to show apps performance, using reviews, week-over-week.
Bachelor of Technology - Information Technology 2012 - 2016

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, India

Open-source URL shortener with link analytics & user dashboard

Authored a famous open-source URL shortener web app

  • URL shortener with custom links, time-based expiry and secret links
  • Link analytics(by adding + to URL) like country, referrer and datewise clicks
  • User dashboard. User access through JWT token based authentication
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases
  • Docker and docker-compose support
  • Used Django for UI rendering, Flask for REST API on top of the core module, SQLAlchemy as ORM

Real time code and document editor

CodeBuddy is a real time code and document collaboration web app. It can be used for real-time collaboration. Live version: Codebuddy

  • Uses sockets for real-time text streaming to two clients
  • Offers a synced codepad, text paste to share text
  • Technology used Flask for API, Fask-socketio for real-time collaboration, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML

Music Recommendation App
An Android music player app with personalised music recommendation

Music app with personalised music recommendation for the users. Collaborative item-based & user-based music recommendation. Technology: Java, Python, MongoDB, Framework: Flask, XML.d

Languages: Python Go Scala(working experience) PHP(working experience)
Datastores: MySQL Redis Kafka Elasticsearch Mongo PostgreSQL
Web Frameworks: Flask Django Django-rest Pyramid
Others: Kubernetes Docker Helm Docker-compose
  • Contributed to py-evm(Python Ethereum Implementation). Added REPL support. Pull Request
  • Contributed patches to GNU Mailman. Fixed issues in mailman core engine. Pull requests
  • Donated calculation codes to local master's students to complete quantitative analysis for their research paper.

Travelling, Hiking, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Running

Technical: Distributed Systems, Containers, System Design, Web, Open Source